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About Star Affiliate Websites

work from home We have been helping thousands of people reach their dreams to become online website business owners since 2012. Whether you are just starting to learn about the income potential of owning you own website business or if you are an expert in Internet Marketing, these automated website businesses have served both the Internet Savvy and the non-Internet Savvy alike. The beauty of owning an affiliate website business is that you don't have to stock your own inventory, buy and resell merchandise, and you don't have to answer customer inquiries. Why? The reason is because your affiliate partners handle all of this! The websites sold by Star Affiliate Websites are rated #1 for providing the most automated way you can work from home and make money through your website's advertising, known as affiliate marketing. Internet businesses like these have improved people's financial security and helped more people achieve financial independence than any other venue ever before in history.

The Difference is in the QUALITY of our websites
At Star Affiliate Websites, we do things differently. Each of the websites we develop is customized with the latest HTML & HTML5 Mobile-Responsive technology to ensure that your website can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world, regardless of what browser they use. We design all of our websites with one end goal in mind: To produce revenue for the owner, automatically. Our websites are exclusive and original unlike our competitor companies that resell the same template over again with just a new Domain Name. We want our clients to succeed so we ensure that every website we sell is exclusive, unique, and original, which is what will help you rank well in search engine results so you can accumulate the traffic you need to turn visitors into buyers.

How Our Websites Will Help You SHINE On The Web
work from home We take care of our clients from the first day you purchase your website from us. After you have selected your exclusive website business niche from us, we provide you with the affiliate registration forms so you can get setup promptly with getting your website linked to your paying affiliate accounts. Our webmaster team handles all the back-end coding after you have registered, so there isn't anything technical you will need to do. Within about 5 days time, all of your affiliate links will be pointed to your website and you will be off and running. We also provide 7-day a week webmaster support should you ever need a hand with anything. We are just an email or a phone call away. 503-980-1502

Every Website Is Linked To Reliable Revenue Streams - All of the affiliate partners on our websites have been tried, tested and approved for their commission earning capabilities. We work only with the leaders in the industry who also offer the highest payouts. All of our websites link to multiple affiliate partners, which means MORE revenue streams and a HIGHER earning potential for you!

Is This Right For You?
If you are looking to start your own online business and supplement or replace your existing income, then owning one of our affiliate website businesses may be the perfect solution for you.  Even if you are a beginner and feel nervous about owning your own website, you are in good hands! All of our websites are totally automated and perfect for both beginners and skilled alike!

For more information about any of our websites or services, please submit any questions to: support@staraffiliatewebsites.com , or you may chat with one of our live representatives who is ready to assist you. 503-980-1502

Get A Great Website For Very Little Cost

We develop only original, exclusive websites that normally cost several thousands of dollars if you hire a web developer directly, but since this is our specialty, you are able to get a custom-built website for a fraction of the cost and enjoy your new website business for a wholesale price.

Star Affiliate Websites provides all our clients with discounted hosting service for only $5.99 per month after the first FREE 30 days. Your hosting service comes with 50 MB of disk space, unmetered bandwidth usage, unlimited subdomain names, unlimited email accounts, as well as 7-day a week support.

Star Affiliate Websites is partnered with only the highest paying affiliate programs in the industry to earn you the greatest amount of money possible! There are NO extra fees or costs associated with being setup with the paying affiliate partners. We also build our websites to produce multiple streams of revenue because we have located a large number of affiliate partners whom we work with. This is how you end up with a very robust website with so many revenue streams that are already built in.

We guarantee that your website will be linked correctly to your paying affiliate partners and if a link ever becomes broken or anything happens with an affiliate partnership, we stand behind the websites we develop and we will repair or replace anything you need for as long as you need. This ensures that you will always have the same number of affiliate partners that you started with. We guarantee that your website will be set up to earn revenue from some or all of the following trusted affiliate partners: Chitika Advertising, Commission Junction's network, Share-A-Sale, eBay, Amazon, Market Health, LivePerson, More Niche, Paid On Results and ClickBank.

Star Affiliate Websites also provides free marketing information about target marketing, article marketing, classified ad posting, blogging, and search engine optimization. In addition to the free services, we also offer professional paid marketing services with our team of SEO specialists who will ensure that your website is search engine optimized.