General FAQ's

    Can I really make money from buying one of these turnkey websites?

      Absolutely! All of our websites have proven to be money making businesses, whether they are “new” or “established” or "featured". They are already setup to earn commissions through the Affiliate Partners and most have multiple Affiliate Partners (some as many as 20 or more!) As with any new business, the more time and effort you put into marketing and advertising your business, the more revenue you will be able to generate.

    How long does it take for my turnkey website to be setup with my affiliate partner links and how long before everything is transferred over to me?

      Immediately after as you make your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation sent to the email address you provide at the checkout. That email will contain necessary information to get you started right away. You will be given detailed information about each affiliate partner that you will need to register with. It is easy and free and consists of filling out a few online forms. After you complete this step, you simply let us know when you reply to our email. Then our website developer will begin to edit your website with your affiliate information that was generated when you registered with them. The total time that it takes our team to edit your website and transfer the domain name over to you is approximately 5 days. We remain in contact with you by email as we proceed through the setup and transfer so you will be informed every step of the way.

    How do I earn revenue when there is no inventory to stock and nothing for me to sell and ship. How does this work? And who services the customers?

      All the of the websites developed by Star Affiliate Websites are called Affiliate Websites. When you own an affiliate website such as this, you will earn a commission on everything you sell through your website.

      There is an affiliate tracking system integrated in all of the websites that we build which tracks all the clicks and sales generated from your site. Affiliate Partners are responsible to deliver these items or services to the customers and then they pay you the commission for sending the business their way! Since most of our websites are linked to multiple affiliate partners, you can earn earn multiple streams of revenue from owning just one website!

    How can I be sure that I am being paid the commissions?

      Star Affiliate Websites integrates an affiliate tracking system into all of our websites, which tracks all clicks and sales generated from the websites. You can view your visitor purchases, clicks, and revenue earnings, by simply logging into each one of your affiliate accounts (which we help you create at the time of your purchase). Each one of the affiliate partners provides you with your own account so that you can view real-time details about your website's sales and revenue earnings.

    Do you offer my money back if I don't like the website?

      We cannot offer a money back guarantee for digital merchandise or website purchases. You can see the demo of the website or software before you buy it, and once you buy it becomes your property immediately. With a little effort at marketing and advertising you have every opportunity to become successful. If there are any problems with the functionality of the website or software, we will fix the problem. We stand behind the quality and functionality of our websites and software 100%.

    If these websites produce such great revenue, then why are you selling them?

      Star Affiliate Websites is in the business of developing turnkey niche websites and then selling them. We are staffed by website designers and website developers who are dedicated to building websites that are both professional and profitable. Our job is to do the groundwork for you. This means that we design and develop the website, host the website on the server for you, and link the website to the affiliate partners so that the websites can generate revenue. We also take care of ordering and transferring the domain name(s) over to you. We want you to be successful, because the success of our business depends on our clients success and overall satisfaction with Star Affiliate Websites.

    Can I sell my website to someone else?

      Yes! You can sell your website at any time. You are the owner of your business and you can do what you like with it. Many times you can even make a profit when you buy a website, drive traffic to it, and then sell it to a new owner! However, the files used to build your website cannot be duplicated to build multiple websites, because the website files are copyright protected by Star Affiliate Websites. When you sell your website you must release your ownership of the domain name and all the website files to the next owner.

    After I buy a website from you, what additional costs are there?

      There are no hidden fees when you buy one of our websites. The total price you see advertised is the only price that you will pay to own your own affiliate website business. Hosting fees so your website can operate from a server is only $5.99 per month and the only other cost is to renew your Domain Name registration fee with GoDaddy, which is only around $12 per year. With low overhead cost and great revenue potential, owning a website business is affordable for just about anyone!

    I don't know anything about owning and operating a website. Is this something that anyone can do from anywhere in the world?

      One of the best things about becoming and owner of a website developed by Star Affiliate Websites is that you are investing in a website business that is completely automated! You do not need to be skilled in website design, html coding, or even be computer literate to be successful in this business. Our webmasters take care of the affiliate link integration and and hosting responsibiities so there isn't anything technical that you will have to do. You will be completely setup to own and operate your website business from anywhere in the world.

      Nearly all of the affiliate partners that link from the websites we build are set up to offer world-wide currencies. No matter where you live in the world and what your currency is, the affiliate partners will be able to pay you. If you run into any problems and notice that any one of our affiliate partners doesn't accept you into their program for whatever reason, we will work with you and link you to an affiliate program that will support your website.

Marketing Service FAQ's

Creative Service FAQ's

I like some of your website designs but I would like them modified and customized just for me. Can you do this for me?

    Absolutely! All of our websites can be customized by one of our professional website designers. Our rates for customization work are very competitive and reasonable and the work performed. If seeking a customized project for your website please contact us.

Can you build me a customized website from scratch? I'd like something different from what you are currently selling on your website?

    Yes, we can build you a customized website designed just for you. There is generally a higher cost involved when purchasing a website this way. However, if you already have your own business and you need a website designed for your existing business, then ordering a customized website from Star Affiliate Websites may be a great option for you. Turn around time to build a customized website is approximately 4-6 weeks and we require payment in advance for the project to ensure that you are serious about your website needs. If this describes something that you might be interest in, please contact us

I would like to add a blog to my website? Can this be done and how much will it cost?

    Absolutely! All of the turnkey websites can be customized by one of our professional website designers. Our rates for customization work are very competitive and reasonable and the work performed is by far the best in this industry. If seeking a customized project for your website please contact us.

Can you design a unique logo to place on my website?

    Yes, please contact us for more information about how our logo design team can help you.

Can you provide me with business cards to go with my website?

    Yes, we have a print design team that can design matching business cards to go with you website. please contact us for more details.