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Target Marketing - For Your Turnkey Website Business

Target Marketing is getting targeted traffic going to your website. It is the ability to convert visitors into buyers! 

"Targeted Traffic" describes those people who are already interested in what you have to offer even before they get to your website.

If this is the first time you have visited this webpage, we recommend that you bookmark this webpage right now so that you can refer to it regularly as you strive towards getting more visitors to your website. The more visitors you get to your website, the more revenue you can make! If you are a website business owner or about to become one, then the information outlined on this webpage is fundamental for anyone who wants to pursue effectiveness with website marketing.

Star Affiliate Websites provides an easy-to-follow 5-Step Marketing Guide (below). When you follow along this guide, you will be amazed at just how easy it is to market and promote your website business! Even if you don't know a thing about Internet Marketing, you will find that with just a few clicks of the mouse and following even just a few of our suggestions, you can enjoy in the success of watching your own website business grow and prosper.

And, best of all, the marketing resource links you see below are completely FREE! Please enjoy this information and use these links to your advantage.

One of the most effective ways to get more targeted traffic to your website and to move up in the search engines for keyword searches is through a marketing method known as backlinking. Backlinking simply means that other websites contain a link that points back to your website. The more websites that link to your website, the stronger your link popularity will be, as this is measured by the search engines. A website that has good link popularity will always rank better in the search engines.

Whether you want to get your website on page one for a specific keyword phrase, or whether you just want more traffic or a higher conversion rate, Internet Marketing professionals will all agree that "backlinking" is the KEY!

What Is Link Popularity And How Does Backlinking Improve This?

The search engines consider your website to be more popular and more worthy of higher ranking when a significant number of other websites link back to you. It is all about numbers and you have complete control over this when you simply follow the 5-steps we have provided below.

Remember This: Every time you post a link on someone else's blog or forum; every time you write an article for your website and post it on a free article directory site; and every time you place a classified ad on a free classified ad site; or make an announcement about your website on Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus, you are building more backlinks to your website and your website is going to move up steadily in the search engines!

The best part about tapping into these resources is that it provides great venues for you to not only promote your website for FREE, but this is also the blueprint to your website's success! There is no limit to how much your website can earn. The only limitations are how much marketing you decide to do or not do for your website business.

We have devised a marketing plan for your convenience to help you reach your goals and generate more traffic to your website. This marketing plan is divided into 5 easy steps. When you follow the steps below, you can use these free resources which will help you to continue to build backlinks to your website. For best results, we recommend that you refer to this list frequently so you can post backlinks to these same places again and again. It's free and it's very effective. If you spend 30 minutes to an hour each day working these steps, you will be on the right track to making your website become a big success. 

Your 5-Step Guide To Marketing: FREE RESOURCE GUIDE

Step 1 - Search Engine Optimization Made Easy Free SEO Resources

If you own a website, the first thing you need to do is make sure your webpages are optimised for the Search Engines. If you purchased one of our turnkey websites, then you can feel confident that the pages constructed are search engine friendly.

However, to have a greater impact on the world wide web, one needs to consider how many other websites are competing for good search engine placement. To get a step-ahead of the competition, we recommend that you have a professional SEO specialist review your Meta tags by doing a keyword density analysis on your website and write new Meta tags for your webpages as well. Having up-to-date Meta tags written for your webpages are essential to provide search engines with information needed to index your website.

Our SEO Specialists will write keyword-rich Meta tags for your website, upload the tags to your webpages, and submit your website to over 200,000+ search engines and directories. It's fast and easy to get your website indexed in the search engines!

Step 2 - Social Bookmarking Made Easy  

Social Networking have become very popular over the past several years. There isn't anyone these days that hasn't heard of Facebook and Twitter. Newer Social Networking Websites are now starting to become just as polular which includes the use of Google Plus and Pinterest.

Using Social Networking can help you get a following of people so if you want to make a single announcement about your website, you can reach a large number of people in a single post.

Social Network Marketing does not simply end with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. There are many other large groups that operate a lot like forum websites. Please refer to the list below to find out how these Social Networks can benefit you.

1. Yahoo Groups - Find groups within your industry that you can post links on. Or you can start new groups to post links on.

2. Google Groups - From within a group, you can reply to a message that someone else posted, or post a message or question of your own, posting links back to your website every time you post something. 

3. Yahoo Answers - When you visit Yahoo Answers, search for some questions that people may have asked that pertains to your website's industry. For example, if your website sells environmentally friendly products, you might search for a question in Yahoo Answers about "environmentally friendly products". Then construct an answer for the questions and post it on Yahoo Answers. When doing this, make sure you provide a 'helpful' link that directs readers back to your website. 

4. Twitter - Open up a free Twitter account and post interesting links (related to your website's industry). Once you get many Twitter followers who respond well to your links, you can begin marketing your website to your group of followers. 

5. Facebook - Open up a free Facebook account and get as many "friend requests" as you can. Once you have a large group of friends linked in your Facebook account, you can begin posting links back to your website. 

6. Linkedin - Open up a free Linkedin account and sign up for various groups related to your industry. You can connect to other professional like-minded people and exchange ideas. Networking and word-of-mouth advertising is free and offers a very effective marketing strategy. 

7. Squidoo - Make a Squidoo page about your website that will link people back to your site. The benefit of doing this is because Squidoo already gets a lot of traffic and ranks high in the search engines. It provides another way for your customers to find you in search engine results.

8. Pinterest - Pinterest is a popular online billboard that allows you to share things with other people and has grown in popularity over the past few years. 

9. Google Plus - Google Plus offered by Google allows you to connect with others that have a Google Account where you can post and share information with your followers.

Step 3 - Forums & Blogs Made Easy Free SEO Tips For Using Forums and Blogs

Blogs are similar to Forums because they are interdynamic and offer an additional type of social networking that you can do. You can post information to your blog and visitors who visit your blog page can post comments that you can respond to, which is another way to have a following and present yourself as an expert or a professional website business owner. Here are places where you can setup your own Blog page for FREE:

Step 4 - Write Articles About Your Website FREE SEO writing articles, press releases, and blogs

Whether you enjoy writing or not, you need to write some articles about your website and post them on as many article-based websites and news release websites as possible. If you absolutely refuse to do this, then you should hire someone to write articles for you. 

Writing articles to publicise your website is a very effective website marketing strategy that can bring you excellent results. Article writing gives the impression that you are an "expert in your industry, which generates trust and loyalty with your customers. 

Article Directory sites are also favourites by Google Search Engine and many other major search engines, which provides an effective way to build backlinks to your website and drive more traffic to your website.

To start with, just write one short article about your website, that provides information about your website. Your article should not be a sales pitch, but rather, your article should be informational and interesting for your reader. But nonetheless, your article will still provide a link back to your website once you have your reader's attention.

Your article should only be about 6-8 paragraphs long, but not longer than that. Your article should begin with the title at the top, followed by a introduction summary, which should only be about 3-4 sentences long. The body should follow the introduction summary and should be no longer than 8 paragraphs. Your article should end with the reference link at the bottom, which gives readers a link back to your website.

List of News Release Sites and Article Directory Sites 
To Submit To For FREE:

1. Free Press Release 


3. PR Log 

4 . 










Step 5 - Submit To Free Classified Ad Websites   free seo - how to advertise on classified ad sites for free

Market your website to classified ad sites throughout your local neighborhood. Below are some links to free classified ad websites that generate a lot of traffic and help you get the word out to all those in your locality.













When you follow and practice these five simple steps, you will soon discover that website marketing and driving more targeted traffic to your website, is not as difficult as you once thought.

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